GM to Tiger Woods: No More Free Cadillacs!

Credit: Storms Media Group

Tiger Woods will have to buy his own cars from now on.

The M.I.A. golfer, 34, no longer has access to free, new vehicles from General Motors, a spokeswoman told USA Today Wednesday.

Although Woods' endorsement deal with GM's Buick brand ended in 2008, the car manufacturer continued to provide him "several vehicles" for personal use.

That perk for the billionaire athlete ended Dec. 31, 2009, however: as part of an agreement made prior to Woods' car crash and the adultery firestorm that followed, all those free rides -- like the Cadillac Escalade he crashed outside his Florida mansion Nov. 27 -- have been returned to GM, USA Today reports.

The revelation comes at a time when Woods is being abandoned by corporate endorsers such as Accenture and Gillette.

What about that Cadillac Escalade that famously collided with a fire hydrant the day after Thanksgiving? The SUV "will be repaired and sold," the article confirms.