Tiger Woods Defends Nike Ad; "My Dad Still Speaks to Me"

Tiger Woods doesn't think there's anything wrong with his new Nike ad, which features him staring solemnly into the camera while the voice of his dead dad, Earl Woods, questions him.

VIDEO: See Tiger's ad

In fact, the golfer, 34, calls the clip "very apropos" in light of his sex scandal.

In the commercial, Earl, who had been accused of infidelity as well, asks his son, "I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything?" (ABCNews.com reports the soundbite was taken from a 2004 interview Earl gave about Tiger's mom, Kultida.)

In his return to golf at the Masters Thursday, Tiger told reporters, "It's what my dad would say. It's amazing how my dad can speak to me in different ways even when he's long gone. Any son who lost a father who meant so much in their life, I think, would understand the spot."

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Nike is one of the major sponsors who stood by Tiger as more than 14 women came forward claiming affairs.