Tiger Woods Was Nicknamed "Urkel" in College

Tiger Woods Was Nicknamed "Urkel" in College

Before Tiger Woods faced jeers at last week's Masters (where he placed a disappointing fourth), he encountered another kind of crowd torment -- from his college golf team.

Teammates at Stanford University (where Woods, now, 34, attended for two years before dropping out in 1996 after his sophomore year) dubbed the star golfer -- a math major -- "Urkel," according to Woods' E! True Hollywood Story special, airing Apr. 14 at 10 p.m./ET.

In the clip above, Woods' former colleagues reveal how the taunting made the famed golfer feel like he was back in high school.

Despite heckling, Woods never let it interfere with his work on the golf course.

"He could walk on the golf course, walk right by you and not even acknowledge you," said CBS sportscaster Jim Hill. "That's not because he's arrogant, that's just because he has a job to do."