Train Singer: Song Is "Positive Part" of Charlie Sheen's Life

Credit: David Livingston/FilmMagic; MAVRIXONLINE.COM

Train singer Patrick Monahan is trying to think positively upon learning that his band's Grammy-winning hit "Drops of Jupiter" set off the infamously ugly Christmas Day spat between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller.

According to recently released police reports, Sheen, 44, told police that he and one of his daughters shared "an affinity for both astronomy and the song 'Drops of Jupiter' from the band Train."

So he bought two tracking telescopes, one for the girl and one for himself "so they could both look at the same point in the universe at the same time, as a way of staying connected," he told police.

Jealous and apparently drunk, Mueller, 32, allegedly lashed out at Sheen: "'You have a song [that] you share with your daughter, but not one with me?'"

The fight then broke out.

The Train singer's take?

"I'm pretty sure that Drops of Jupiter is a positive part of Charlie Sheen and his daughter's relationship," Monahan Twittered. "Just gonna look at it that way. P"