See Us Weekly's Readers' Best Celebrity-Themed Halloween Costumes Here!

Credit: Courtesy of @DannyEpperson; @princessleya; @quinn_mason; @melaniefromm

Every Halloween, Us Weekly readers come up with clever ways to dress like their favorite celebrities -- and this year didn't disappoint!

In fact, we had to look twice to differentiate fake Kylie from real Kylie Jenner! Check out our roundup of the best five submissions we received to see if your costume made the cut!

Happy Halloween!

5. @princessleya and friend as Kramer and Elaine

4. @melaniefromm as Amanda Bynes

3. @Chellebell328 as Paula Deen

2. @DannyEpperson as Pharrell Williams

And the winner is… 

1. @quinn_mason as Kylie Jenner!