VIDEO: Russell Brand Tries to Seduce Britney Spears

Celebrity News Aug. 26, 2009 AT 1:37PM
VIDEO: Russell Brand Tries to Seduce Britney Spears


Russell Brand tries to seduce Britney Spears via mental telepathy in a brand new MTV VMA promo.

In the clip, Spears appears in a tiny bikini while a voice in her head questions, "I wonder if he'll invite me? Should I have played it up while he was flirting with me? I have to admit, there's something sexy about his dangerous ways."

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A camera flashes to Brand, the host of the show (airing Sept. 13), who realizes he can hear Spears' voice in his head.

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"Go to Russell's hotel room and abandon yourself! Sleep with Russell!" he encourages as the camera flashes to a confused-looking Spears.

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It's the second promo the pair have taped. In 2008, Spears pinched Brand while they posed with an elephant.


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