Well, that was fast! In honor of November’s charitable, facial hair-inclined movement, Movember, the team over at WatchCut shared a video featuring 100 years worth of mens’ hairstyles — all in under two minutes — on Monday, Nov. 2.

In the impressive clip, which was made in conjunction with the Movember Foundation, Seattle-based musician Samuel Orson transforms into 10 different iconic men’s looks, donning and doffing mustaches between decades and losing and gaining hair between others.

Based on the video, the early part of the 20th century featured more greased-back looks and mustaches, while the styles from the ‘40s onward were more clean-shaven and clean-cut (due in large part to World War II).    

By the ‘70s, long hair and substantial facial hair were back in style, but by the ‘80s, men were returning to sleeker, chic looks once more.

Orson wore a grunge look for the ‘90s, and the ever-popular coiffed hair for the ‘00s.

In the 2010s, the man bun and longer hair were back in play once more — more of Orson’s natural state.

Asked how he felt about having to cut his hair and beard for the video, Orson was nonchalant.

“Hair grows back,” he told Refinery29.com.

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