Zachary Quinto: I'm Gay

Celebrity News Oct. 16, 2011 AT 12:51PM
Zachary Quinto: I'm Gay Credit: Tony DiMaio/ABACAUSA

Out and proud! 

Until now, Zachary Quinto hasn't spoken publicly about his sexual orientation. But in a new interview with New York Magazine, he opens up for the first time about life as "a gay man."

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The 34-year-old had an eight-month run in the NYC revival of Angels in America, the Pulitzer-winning play written by Tony Kushner. Quinto played Louis Ironson, a man who abandons his AIDS-stricken boyfriend. "As a gay man, it made me feel like there's still so much work to be done, and there's still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed," he told NY Mag about his role in the play.

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He also spoke with the magazine about the fact that in the same year gay marriage was legalized in New York, a gay teenager in the state, Jamey Rodmeyer, was bullied and killed himself. "And again, as a gay man I look at that and say there’s a hopelessness that surrounds it," he said. "But as a human being I look at it and say 'Why? Where's this disparity coming from, and why can't we as a culture and society dig deeper to examine that?' We're terrified of facing ourselves."

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Quinto's film Margin Call, a thriller that takes place in an investment bank during the early stages of the financial crisis, opens in theaters Oct. 21.

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