Beauty Trend Watch: Green Is The New Black!

Credit: Soul Brother/FilmMagic

For several seasons, trendsetters have been sporting edgy, super-dark nails. But right now, the fastest way to add a hit of chic to your look is with polish ranging from pistachio to deep forest green.

Behold the adorable Rachel Bilson at the premiere of Coco Before Chanel in Chanel’s Jade, a shade so hot it's been wait-listed. (By the way, I love her even more since I watched her happily sign autographs for teenage boys outside the theater that night!)

Choose the hue that's right for you -- a pale, creamy look like Jade, a khaki like Dry Martini by MAC (created by my favorite -- and Mary Louise Parker’s favorite! -- manicurist Jin Soon Choi) or a rich emerald like OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.

Chanel Nail Colour in Jade, $25

MAC Nail Lacquer in Dry Martini, $12

OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, $8