Choose Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Sexiest Red Carpet Look

It's been a busy time for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The couple bounced from NYC to Berlin to Rome for PDA-packed premieres of Jolie's The Tourist.

Although critics panned the film, the Golden Globe nominated actress kept the red carpet interesting with three very different looks.

On December 6, Jolie wore a sexy white Versace sweater dress with an up-to-there slit to the NYC premiere. Pitt stayed cozy in a black double-breasted coat and scarf -- and used Jolie's sweater-covered booty as an impromptu hand warmer.

For the Berlin premiere on December 14, Jolie opted for a velvet glove-dress hybrid by Versace. Pitt dressed in black with a leather jacket and a black scarf.

In Rome on December 15, Jolie wore a velvet blazer by Ferragamo with satin pants. Pitt wore a Tom Ford suit with a black cap and, of course, a black scarf.

Where did Brad and Angelina look the sexiest?


Where did Brad and Angelina look the sexiest?

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