Get Katherine Heigl's Valentino Tote for Less!

Celebrity Style Oct. 27, 2010 AT 11:45AM
Get Katherine Heigl's Valentino Tote for Less! Credit: David Tonnessen,

Everyone is wild for leopard print anything. Shoes, coats. Scarves, umbrellas, you name it.

This Valentino bag that Katherine Heigl has been spotted with (She’s a huge fan of the line!) is a great way to get one of fall’s biggest trends in your wardrobe -- especially if you’re afraid to go completely wild with a coat or dress. The leopard calf bow tote is so delicate and dainty, however, it retails for a whopping $2990.

For a more "call me when the shuttle lands version," I found this very nice black-trimmed tote from The Limited for just $45! It doesn’t have the super femme feel but it has very similar spots making it more practical and pretty damn chic. Let’s call it a rain-or-shine, keep forever tote.

You don’t have to layer trends on top of trends to make the point. The idea with leopard is to work the accent in to your outfit. I like mixing this type of bag with neutrals -- nude, olive, and the classics, brown and black. Take one piece at a time and mix. Have fun and, with this price, you can afford to go wild!

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