How to Get Keira Knightley's New Bob

Credit: Dominique Charriau/

What's up, bob?

Keira Knightley recently chopped off her long locks into a retro-style bob. "I had my hair bobbed about a month ago, then I had it freshly trimmed this morning," the actress told UK InStyle

Dying to go short just like the 25-year-old star? Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson -- Angelina Jolie and Kate Gosselin are some of his clients -- has some pointers for

For those with the same square face, go ahead and steal her exact cut. "It works well with Keira's face shape because she has a stronger jaw line," Gibson explains.

Gibson also adds that the style is perfect for straight or fine hair like Knightley's. Otherwise, "for coarse, wavy or thick hair, the length should be a little longer so it's easier to style," Gibson tells Us.

For round or oval faces like Ginnifer Goodwin or Zoe Saldana, Gibson says to make sure the hair falls to the middle of the face. If that's too short for comfort, consider the same style but go longer so that the tips of the hair brush the tops of the shoulders for a longer bob that Gibson calls a "lob."