Jessica Szohr Calls Her Style "Bohemian-Chic" and "Tomboyish"

Jessica Szohr Calls Her Style "Bohemian-Chic" and "Tomboyish"

She may be leaving Gossip Girl, but Jessica Szohr continues to share her character Brooklynite Vanessa Abrams' love of unique, mix-and-match ensembles.

"It's bohemian-chic, tomboyish," the actress, 26, told Us Weekly of her personal style.

Szohr, who rarely plays it safe on the red carpet, developed her sartorial skills based on the avant-garde fashion sense of her former onscreen alter ego.

"I'm learning more and more about clothes and designers from being a part of Gossip Girl and living in New York," she told Lucky magazine last year. "In fittings now, I'm like, 'I love that Diane von Furstenberg skirt or this Rag & Bone jacket,' whereas before, I wouldn't have recognized those labels."

One thing Szohr loves to wear: sleeveless shirts and dresses. So it made sense when she partnered with Dove for the brand's Ultimate Go Sleeveless campaign, which included a Facebook contest, where women designed their own sleeveless top for the chance to win a New York City shopping spree.

Watch the video above to hear Jessica talk more about her style and do some serious retail damage with the contest winner.