With the Dancing With the Stars finale one week away, it's not the judges' comments Kelly Osbourne and Mya are remembering most about their experience on the show -- it's their bumps and bruises!

"This competition is definitely a sport and I have a newfound respect for [dancers]," Mya, 30, tells Usmagazine.com in an exclusive video interview. (Watch a clip above) "I have pulled a back muscle, a groin muscle and some other things I'm not going to talk about. During tango week, I had 27 bruises!"

Agrees Osbourne: "The list of injuries is endless! What we do every Monday in the 'red room' when we have our costume on for dress rehearsal is [compare] who has the most bruises," she says. "Usually it's Mya."

Go inside one of Mya's rehearsal sessions for the show.

Many of the girls' battle wounds have come as a result of wardrobe malfunctions.

"The worst thing I ever did on this show was doing a slide between someone's legs in my costume," Osbourne, 25, tells Us. "I had a wedgie and when my butt hit the floor, it gave me a burn mark! I was in the worst pain ever, and of course it was when I was trying to show off!"

While Osbourne's clothes call was obvious, Mya says her biggest blunder happened away from the ABC cameras.

"I definitely had a wardrobe malfunction on live TV, but thankfully no one saw it. During our team paso [doble], my entire dress ripped and I slipped on it during the choreography. Thank God the camera wasn't on me!" the singer/actress says. "I ran backstage and asked if anyone had scissors, a knife or a box cutter to cut the wire that got [tangled] in my dress. One guy had a pocket knife and cut it for me. I was back on stage in time for my solo!"

For more from Kelly Osbourne and Mya, check out the video above!