Lady Gaga Applies for an Internship


Lady Gaga already makes her own hair bows.

Now she wants official training.

UK Vogue reports the "Bad Romance" singer, 24, has applied for an internship with milliner Philip Treacy after the two collaborated on several headpieces she wore on stage.

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"The request came through quite a while ago," Treacy’s spokesperson told Vogue Tuesday. "They get on well and she has applied for an internship although nothing has been confirmed yet."

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A source close to Gaga tells that she has been looking for a new challenge.

"Gaga is sick of her own songs by now. That's why she keeps changing her songs, costumes, sets, everything she does on each leg of the tour," the insider says. "She gets bored easily."'

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Gaga isn't the first star to intern. Kanye West has worked with Louis Vuitton and Gap over the past year.