PHOTO: Kim Kardashian Gets a Makeunder!

Celebrity Style Dec. 3, 2009 AT 10:49AM
PHOTO: Kim Kardashian Gets a Makeunder!

Kim Kardashian rarely goes to the gym without a full face of makeup, but somehow Glamour convinced her to lose the cosmetic layers -- at least a few of them -- for a recent "makeunder" photo shoot.

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"The look was really soft and beautiful," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 29, says of her lighter look. "It made me feel more comfortable to go with less makeup on!" she says.

Don't expect her to take the same low-key approach to her clothes, however.

"If I wear super-slouchy stuff, I don’t feel put together," she says. "You have the right to look good and be confident."

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Although she still dons mascara and lip gloss in the photo, she maintains that she's "not one of those girls who sleep in makeup because they don't want their boyfriend to see them without it."

She says, "If you're all glammed up, makeup's just another accessory."

So if her glam looks don't entice back-on boyfriend Reggie Bush, what does?

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"I'm a great cook," she says. "His favorite meal is soul food: chicken and macaroni and cheese. That's my specialty. I'll cook it once a month with corn bread and greens. That I've mastered."

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