Pippa Middleton Has "Most Desirable" Shade of Fake Tan

Credit: SAV/FilmMagic

Move over Snooki -- there's a new show-stopping tan gal in town!

First Pippa Middleton's backside inspired a new butt-lifting surgery in the U.K., and now her healthy skin tone is getting some attention as well.

Dubbed "Royal Mocha" by tanning experts, Middleton's tan has been voted as the most sought-after skin color, according to a U.K.-based poll which surveyed over 2,000 British women between the ages of 18 and 44. The research was done to mark the launch of British TV channel Really on Freeview.

Ringing in with 60 percent of votes, Middleton's complexion beat out British songwriter Cheryl Cole's "Cappuccino" color and TV personality Katie Price's "Pricey Pecan" glow.

It's been reported that Middleton, 27, turns to Xen-Tan self-tanning products to help achieve her healthy glow, but her outdoor runs probably contribute to her tan as well.