Recessionista: Grey Matters

I love how this tough trend is making its way into our fashion vocab and wardrobes. I especially adore the unexpected items, like these grey pumps I stumbled on the other night before closing time at Zara and instantly fell in love.

I needed some poking from my Facebook friends who shared the following words of wisdom on whether these need to be had or not. A "must," and "These shoes you posted are, like, amazing and a dream come true for me. I can only imagine what's in your closet -- can i just sit in your shoe closet?" were some of the replies. That's all I needed before I plopped down the plastic.

Check out Hollywood stars wearing affordable footwear!

Zara's heels can be worn well with grey slim jeans and a boyfriend blazer over an oversized T-shirt. I love this new "uniform," which seems to be the answer to everything. It's effortless and easy.

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