Recessionista: In Living Color

Scarves have really come into their own this year.

You can thank the myriad of celebrities whose only shot of color and texture in their day-to-day looks come from wrapping an oversized scarf around a neutral tee and destroyed denim. But sometimes the prices of a yard of fabric around their necks come at a step price.

Thankfully, Old Navy steps in and has made the celeb staple available in 12 colors, including blue moon, purple velvet, blink pink and urban dwelling grey -- that are perfect to coordinate with every look in your summer wardrobe while still allowing you to have some change left to purchase a slushie.

Old Navy's Women's fringed gauze scarf measures approximately 72"L x 23 1/2"W with 3" fringed ends. 100% rayon.

Purchase info: Buy it here.