Kristen Stewart's Apres-Couture

Credit:; KEDS

At the end of day, Kristen Stewart, who always makes sneakers a trend on and off the red carpet, comes down off her 5 and 6 inch Sergio Rossi’s and Jimmy Choo’s to be comfortable like the rest of us.

She switches over into her Keds. You know, those simple, classic sneakers? The ones that have been crawling along since 1916?

She doesn’t wear the sequined ones or the bubble gum pink ones; she loves the darkest black ones. As in, black sole, black laces, black everything.

They’re cute, they’re comfortable (sizes 5 to 13!) and cheap ($35!). Also, they're very cool as Kristen is wearing them. What’s not to like?

Just be sure that you wear them simply and elegantly. Steer clear of a poufy dress paired with loud colors or prints. Or you'll end up with a huge fashion crime summons.

To buy: Champion Canvas Originals, $35,