Recessionista: Leggy Looks

Let's face it: We all want all of those amazing clothes Beyonce has.

I'm always green with envy every time she goes out in something new. I love her wardrobe choices. I hate her wardrobe choices. Here fashion sense always makes my tongue flop to the floor like a Looney Toons character and my eyes cross slightly.

The thing that kills me is that her shopping trips and the items her stylists pulls for her are so expensive ($2,700 Louis Vuitton Spicy Heels? Worn once, never seen again. Balmain mouth-watering bandleader jacket for $6000+, Margiela disco ball bag $2500? Amazing but now missing on a milk carton!). I can only dream about owning all of those items. Until today.

We found a few budget-friendly matches for the slick, skintight leggings she wore out the other day: One pair with a price tag of just $16.95 at New York & Company and another for $24.80 at Forever 21. You can actually wear these and not have to enter only dark rooms for fear that you will be "found out" that you're wearing a replica.

Purchase info: Buy it here.