You don't have to be a supermodel like Heidi Klum to make wearing this spring's hottest trends look effortless.

JCPenney reveals how you can incorporate the latest fashions into your wardrobe while keeping them fun and feminine.

"Safari was one of the hottest trends on the runway this season," JCPenney says. "We love it because it's an adventurous look, but actually it's easy to wear anywhere."

To prevent neutral tones like olive and honey from looking dull, the retailer recommends pieces with small metallic and shiny embellishments to liven them up.

"This is all about taking traditional, structured men's pieces and redesigning them to be very feminine and sexy," JCPenney says. "Liven the khaki up by adding an abstract print or a pop of color, a sexy heel and you're ready for anything."

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