Sandra Bullock's Oscar Look? "Potato Sack or Trash Bag"

Celebrity Style Feb. 9, 2010 AT 10:25AM
Sandra Bullock's Oscar Look? "Potato Sack or Trash Bag" Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/

If Sandra Bullock doesn't find the perfect Oscar dress, she has a backup plan.

"I'll wear a gunny sack and belt it or a potato sack or trash bag," the Best Actress nominee told at the 25th Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Friday.

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She added with a smile, "As long as you belt it, you're fine."

Bullock, 45, who is nominated for her role in The Blind Side, says it's "someone else's job" to focus on the gown selection and that she wants to simply "point and say I like that one" when it comes down to the final choice.

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"Isn't that funny that all they care about with the women is what dress they are wearing," she laments. "I'm just glad I get to be a part of the [Academy Awards] company."

As for the potato sack threats, fashion fans should have no fear.

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"The dress will find me," she assures Us. "It always does."

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