Scandal Style Breakdown: Olivia Pope's Lace Print Blouse From No Sun on the Horizon

Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Besides Sally Langston's line, "Yum, yum, crispy piggy, yum, yum," impeccably delivered by Kate Burton during debate prep, we can't get Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) lace print blouse from Scandal's March 13 episode "No Sun on the Horizon" out of our heads.

Yet another appearance of a patterned top reinforces just how complicated Pope's emotional and professional life has become -- not to mention its loose fit perfectly disguises Washington's real-life pregnancy. But, since we're fans of lace -- and the professional fixer's dramatic life, you won't find any complaints here.

Turns out, the ladylike blouse is from a standby label for Pope (and Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo) favorite, Dolce & Gabbana. Unlike other Scandal style items that have sold out (Prada purses, we're looking at you), the Lace-Print Silk-Satin Top is still available for $1,775 on

If spending almost two-grand on a top is out of your league, then try the very budget-friendly Lace Print Blouse by Kardashian Kollection for just $11.99 (