Snag the Perfect Black Heel For Just $16

Credit: Albert Michael/

Sometimes you are longing for the haut-est, brightest, newest trends only to realize that you just need something simple and elegant.

After sifting through my closet full of platforms and Mary Janes with studs, spikes, snakeskin, straps, ribbons, I actually had nothing to play down a dramatic dress as Stacey Keibler has done here.

The leggy actress paired her bright print dress with just what it needed: a simple, mid-height pump that’s comfortable as well as chic. While I still don’t have that basic black pump, does -- for $16.

Wear them with a dramatic ensemble or a daytime look (pencil or flare skirt, jeans, men's trousers, basically anything).

And, of course, pumps like this never go out of style.

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