Who Wore Versace's Safety Pin Dress Best: Lady Gaga or Elizabeth Hurley?

Sartorial risk-taker Lady Gaga isn't usually one to recycle a look, but she made an exception for an iconic Versace dress.

Elizabeth Hurley, now 47, first stepped out in the racy safety pin in 1994, when she attended the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral on the arm of her then-boyfriend, Hugh Grant.

On Tuesday, Gaga -- who spent time with Versace's current chief designer, Donatella, that day -- headed out of her hotel room in Milan wearing a frock almost identical to the one that helped make Hurley, then a relatively unknown British model, a household name.

This was the second sexy, skin-baring look Gaga, 26, wore in Milan Tuesday; during her hangout with Donatella, she showed off her new curves in a red gown with a strappy, cut-out bodice.

Tell Us: Who do you think rocked Versace's safety pin dress better?

Who wore Versace's safety pin dress better?


Who wore Versace's safety pin dress better?

Elizabeth Hurley
Lady Gaga
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