Would You Wear Sheer Pants Like Madonna?

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Yes - but maybe with leggings underneath
27% 20
No - I'll stick to pants you can't see through
30% 22
Yes - and how she's wearing them is perfect
43% 32
Celebrity Style Sep. 26, 2011 AT 11:02AM
Would You Wear Sheer Pants Like Madonna? Credit: CWNY/Fame Pictures

Time to ditch the thigh-grazing hemlines, because the latest way to show a lot of skin in Hollywood is with completely see-through pants.

While stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt have already been spotted in sheer skirts, Madonna changed things up and in New York City on September 13 by stepping out in a pair of black, transparent trousers, which left next to nothing to the imagination.

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Although the style is a creative way of keeping your legs cool, it's not so easy to pull off. "This is a very modern look ripped straight from the runway, but it's not for everyone," says Us Weekly Fashion Director Sasha Charnin-Morrison.

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Below, Charnin-Morrison explains how to pull off the daring trend, if you’re so inclined.

"You want to look decent with this very revealing pant -- that means NO hot pants, panties or bikini bottoms peeking out from underneath," Us' resident fashionista stresses. "Think of the pants as loose, sheer hosiery. The best would be to layer a matching legging underneath for length as you don't want to appear cut in half. Go with a tunic or a long cardigan or sweater. Just keep in mind: you don't want to layer hard fabrics over the delicacy of the sheerness."

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As far as accessorizing goes, Charnin-Morrison advises to play it safe and simple.

"I recommend wearing a heel or a platform, but nothing with a rounded toe that shortens the look. A flat is okay if you're very tall and have the length. Accessorize with a large pendant and hoops. Nothing too blingy though, as you don't want to upstage the pants -- go easy and make the sheerness be the focus."

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