28 Questions a 7-Year-Old Asks During the Second 2016 Presidential Debate: 'Can We Turn This Off?'

28 Questions a 7-Year-Old Asks During the Second 2016 Presidential Debate: 'Can We Turn This Off?'

Who says Americans need to be at least 18 years old to have a sound opinion about the next commander in chief? To see whether Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting through to the nation's future titans of industry, Us Weekly encouraged (read: forced) a 7-year-old to watch the second 2016 presidential debate on Sunday, October 9. And you thought you were baffled by the nominees' responses

The aforementioned child clearly did not love this assignment, and had so, so many questions. Here are 28 of them — along with three extra statements for good measure. Luckily, the youngster still has until 2028 to get excited about this civic duty. (And no, this is not the first time we've exploited a minor for our own amusement: Click here to read a kid's questions after watching Friends' "we were on a break" episode.)

1. Who do you think is going to win?

2. Oh, they both have blonde hair?

3. Is Donald Trump evil?

4. What does "politician" mean?

5. Why does he sound good when everyone says he's bad?

6. What does she mean, "What Donald Trump does to women"?

7. What are POWs?

8. How old is Trump?

9. What does "abusive to women" mean?

10. Is Hillary Clinton really friends with Michelle Obama?

11. This is not fun.

12. Did he just call her the devil?

13. Wait, what's a "Bernie Sanders"?

14. What is "acid-washing" — like, jeans?

15. Can we watch SpongeBob instead?

16. What are congressmen?

17. Wait, who is Donald?

18. How much money does Hillary Clinton have?

19. I'm not having fun.

20. What's Obamacare?

21. Can we turn this off?

22. Where is this debate even happening?

23. Jesus, how long is this thing?

24. How tough, Hillary? How. Tough.

25. Who has really bad judgment?

26. What is a record clip?

27. Did she just say the A-word, or "ask"?

28. Haha, poo-tin.

29. What are taxes?

30. Why are the Iranians hanging out on the ground?

31. Like a nuclear fart?

Tell Us: Are you surprised by a kid's reaction to the debate? And are grammar-school students the only sane ones left?

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