Flip cup is not Amy Adams' strong suit. The Big Eyes actress, 40, went head-to-head with Jimmy Fallon in a holiday version of the drinking game during her Tonight Show appearance on Thursday, Dec. 18, and while her efforts were admirable, her actual results left something to be desired.

Rocking a festive Santa hat for the occasion, Adams stood opposite Fallon, who made quick work of his side of the table. The late-night host speedily chugged and flipped all but one of his six red cups of beer before the Oscar-nominated star had even moved to her second green cup.

"This is not going well for me," she quipped. "This is really sad."

Fallon, not surprisingly, disagreed. "This is fantastic," he joked.

Faced with his last cup, though, he struggled to flip it upside down, allowing Adams to catch up a little. (But only a little.)

Adams will return to Rockefeller Center this weekend to host Saturday Night Live with One Direction. Watch her failed flip cup attempt above!