Amy Schumer Reenacts 12 Angry Men to See If She's Hot Enough to Be on TV on Inside Amy Schumer: Watch the Funny Clips Now!

Order in the court! In her latest sketch from the Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, the host continues to touch on deeper issues through her comedy. In a parody of the 1957 classic film 12 Angry Men, which was about jurors arguing over a murder trial, Schumer has 12 famed male actors argue about whether or not she’s hot enough to be on TV. 

Though the skit is peppered with funny jokes about dildos and “half chubs,” its underlying satire on the criticism women go through in comedy was prevalent throughout. 

At one point, Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser is asked to take off his glasses, sit 10 feet away from a picture of Schumer, and pretend he is blackout drunk. 

“Isn’t it possible you would consider at least a few exploratory tugs?” John Hawkes asks Kartheiser.

“I would,” he replies. “I have a reasonable chub!”

Watch the clips now and tell us what you think of the sketch.