On his first day of work at Brooklyn's 99th Precinct, Detective Jake Peralta has no qualms about fitting in and impressing his new Captain. After all, he's dressed to impress in more ways than one. In a hilarious new sneak peek from Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Sept. 17 premiere, Jake (Andy Samberg) earns early kudos from his boss (Andre Braugher) about a new case.

"I was digging through these files -- one of which I literally found in a spider web -- and it turns out there were a bunch of references to a Serbian thug (street names: The Rat and The Butcher)," Jake tells his captain in the clip, after his commanding officer compliments his choice of office attire.

Jake is encouraged by his boss' initial reaction -- but his captain's mood sours quickly. "It's a testament to what can be achieved when you dress appropriately," Jake explains, standing to "pound it out" with the captain -- and expose his multi-colored undies!

"[My character] is like the kid in the class who's smarter than everyone else," Samberg tells Us Weekly. "He goofs off." That's for sure: Watch what happens when Jake's captain turns the tables on the Detective in the premiere clip above!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -- from the creators of Parks and Recreation and The Office -- premieres Sept. 17 at 8:30 p.m. (EST) on FOX.