Don't rule out Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2 just yet.

Angelina Jolie says she would love to work with Brad Pitt on a movie again -- but under very strict conditions.

"Of course, of course," the Salt star told AFP of costarring once again with Pitt. The couple famously met while making 2005's Mr. and Mrs. Smith; at the time, Pitt was still married Jen Aniston.

Now that she and Pitt are partners and parents to six kids, Jolie, 35, explains that the film selection process is dicier.

"I think when you are a real couple, (there are) some things audiences prefer to see real couples do, and some things they really don't like to see real couples do, so you have to be very careful," she explained.

Yet Jolie gushed that she could never get sick of Pitt, 46. "I'd like to do everything with him, I love to be just with him... I don't think it is a risk for us, we have fun doing everything together."

Plus, now that she's a mom, Jolie has curtailed her work schedule -- as has Pitt.

"I only work for a few months and then I take many months off," she explained. "Before 'Salt' we got a year and half off and just traveled and I just was a mom.

Although she's promoting Salt, Jolie explained that she has no film projects for the next five to six months. "Brad's working [on Moneyball] and I'm just being a mom and traveling."

Her favorite spots to travel to: the birthplaces of her adopted kids Maddox, 8 (Cambodia), Zahara, 5 (Ethiopia), Pax, 6 (Vietnam).

"I want to discover everything," she said. "I will always love the countries that my children are from, they will always be special to me."

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