Some of the cast members may be the same, but the drama is all-new on tonight's season premiere of Melrose Place, according to cast members Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Thomas Calabro and Laura Leighton.

"It’s like a new show," Calabro, who played Dr. Michael Mancini on the original '90s series, told at the CW's Upfront Press Day. (Watch a clip above). "At the same time, I get to bring back a character I loved and had a lot of fun with. I’m looking forward to him being older and wiser and more handsome."

Agrees Laura Leighton, who plays landlord Sydney: "There will be plenty of opportunities to find out who really has a dark side underneath -- every character has the potential. There’s a bit of gray in everyone."

In the meantime, Simpson-Wentz is eager to introduce her character, Violet, to viewers for the first time.

"None of us really know if we’re going to be the good girl or the bad girl, so we’ve all got life decisions to make," Simpson-Wentz says of her character. "But I'd always rather [play the] bitch!"