Bachelorette's Ryan Breaks Down After Elimination Blindside

So close, yet so far!

The Bachelorette's Ryan Park finally had his moment to shine with Ashley Hebert on a one-on-one date in Taiwan, only to have his heart broken in the end.

Invited by the 26-year-old dental student to get a "taste of Taipei" on Monday's episode, Park -- once razzed by his fellow bachelors for his boisterous personality -- couldn't contain his excitement.

"The waiting, the anticipation, [and] the sleepless nights have all culminated into this and it's just bursting inside of me now," he gushed before joining Hebert at a Taiwan temple. "I'm on cloud 10!"

While Park's spirits were high, Hebert, on the other hand, had an ulterior motive when it came to taking him out: She just didn't think he was the right guy for her.

"Everybody keeps talking about [how] Ryan's personality is so over the top, but I like him," she reasoned. "He's the sweetest guy...but is there a connection there? Before I get family involved [during hometown visits], that's what I have to figure out."

And figure it out she did -- fast.

After Park blathered on and on about his passion for the environment over dinner, the bachelorette was finally ready to cut her suitor loose. "When I gave you that first impression rose, I saw all these great things in you that I still see," a stone-faced Hebert told Park. "You're such a great guy, but I don't know if I see you as my husband. I respect you so much that I don't want to put you through the rose ceremony."

"I'm shocked," a stunned Park said after getting the boot. "I dont want to be alone. I didn't see it coming. I want someone...more than you...I want to find that person. I want to find a partner in life that wants to be a great mother and I'll be a great dad. Someday. I will be..."

As a stunned Park reeled from his elimination blindside -- he was so torn up that he couldn't even complete his exit interview for Bachelorette cameras -- Hebert second-guessed her gut instinct.

"When I was telling Ryan goodbye, the look in his eyes made me want to rethink my decision," she said. "He does really like me and he's a really smart guy. I'm not 100% confident I made the right decision."

Unlike Bentley Williams, however, Park was gone for good, as was Lucas Daniels, who got the boot after Hebert skipped the night's cocktail party.

Tell Us: Was Hebert too hard on Park when she let him go?

By Allison Corneau for Us Weekly. For more Channel Surfing, click here.