Biggest Oscars Gaffes of All Time!

Entertainment Feb. 24, 2012 AT 6:58PM
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Full-frontal nudity, incest jokes, expletives, unexpected political protests and . . . Rob Lowe and Snow White?

The 84th Annual Academy Awards, which go down in Los Angeles this Sunday, could by without a hitch -- but hopefully not!


The history of the biggest, most-anticipated night in Hollywood is littered with unscripted, awkward and just plain bizarre moments broadcast to movie fans worldwide.

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Back in 1969, Barbra Streisand had her own wardrobe malfunction with an accidentally see-through suit; five years later, presenter David Nivens cheekily dealt with a completely nude male streaker (peace-sign flashing David Opel) bum-rushing the stage.

Certain Oscar winners made their own victorious moments oddly unforgettable -- including political protesters Marlon Brando and Vanessa Redgrave, not to mention Sally "You Really Like Me!" Field and a young Angelina Jolie, who thanked her brother/date James Haven with, ahem, lots of affection.

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What's the biggest Oscar gaffe of all time? Check out Us Weekly's gallery and tell Us!

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