Bill Rancic Gets Giant Ribcage Tattoo to Honor Son Duke

Bill Rancic Gets Giant Ribcage Tattoo to Honor Son Duke

Bill Rancic is taking his hot dad status to a whole new level!

To honor his three-month-old son, Edward Duke Rancic, the 41-year-old businessman got a giant ribcage tattoo bearing his son's middle name and August 29, 2012 birthday, shocking his wife Giuliana. "I went out and I have a little surprise: I got a tattoo!" Bill tells Giuliana and his in-laws, Anna and Eduardo Rancic, in a preview from the Nov. 27 episode of STYLE's Giuliana & Bill.

"That's actually pretty hot, honey! I feel like I have to get a tattoo of his name. I'll do it in a place you can't see," Giuliana, 37, tells her man after he exposes his new ink.

The only problem with Bill's tribute to baby Duke? It's temporary! "Take a picture, because in two days, it'll be gone!" Bill tells his family with a laugh after the tattoo fake-out. "Did you really think I'd get a tattoo?! I'm as straight-laced as they come!"

All kidding aside, Bill can't get enough of first-time fatherhood -- and his wife of five years Giuliana says he's a natural with their little boy. "I love seeing Bill and Duke together. After Duke's morning feeding, Bill puts him on his stomach (with Duke face up) and they take a little nap together," Giuliana wrote in a TODAY Show blog shortly after her son's birth. "It is the sweetest thing to witness."

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