Billy Eichner Yells His Sex and the City 2 Feels at Sarah Jessica Parker in the Middle of NYC: Watch!

While it may be our dream to have Billy Eichner shout at Us on the street, the hilarious host of truTV’s Billy on the Street got to live out a Sex and the City fan’s fantasy by channeling his endless emotions at Sarah Jessica Parker. In a new clip from his comedy show, Eichner, 37, tries to play a game with Parker, 50, in lower Manhattan.

But he can’t get to the game’s premise without first going on a lengthy rant about how much he loved Sex and the City 2 and how underrated the film was.

“I never understood [the criticism], I swear,” he exclaims, interrupting the former HBO star. “And it always made me so angry.”

Anytime Parker tries to interject and agree, Eichner immediately cuts her off.

“It was ridiculous!” he screams, jumping up and down in his signature fashion. “Let me tell you what I think. No, this is serious! I think enough years have passed now that — [SJP chimes in “we can openly discuss it”] — as a nation! I think that show had dealt so well in such a smart, sharp way at dissecting guys, so I think all the bros like the chance to jump on it finally.”

Eichner then recalls a friend of his who criticized the film but admitted to loving sci-fi.

“You can’t believe they’d go to the Middle East, but you believe in f--king Chewbacca?” he shouts. “You f--king turd! You believe in anything that happens on some planet George Lucas made up but you can’t believe that Kim Cattrall would film for a few weeks in Morocco? I’m serious! I’m so glad to finally be getting this off my chest.”

Finally, Parker is able to agree, adding, “You’re saying things I would have never had the courage to say.”

The 2010 sequel film was widely panned by critics and many fans, despite performing well at the box office.

Watch the hilarious clip to see Billy Eichner’s rant, plus see SJP play “Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App?”

Billy on the Street airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on truTV.

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