Blood, Sweat and Heels Sneak Peek: Arzo Laughs Off Geneva's Arrest, Says It Has Nothing to Do With Her Race

Don’t forget your cab fare! In an exclusive sneak peek at this Sunday’s Blood, Sweat and Heels episode, Arzo Anwar laughs off her costar Geneva S. Thomas’ arrest, annoying her fellow castmates.

“A taxi driver wrongly accused her of trying to not pay her taxi…it’s like sexism, racism,” Chantelle tells the group as to why their pal isn’t at the event.

“Are you saying sexism and racism?” Arzo then cuts in, laughing. “No, I think she just got caught up in a stupid situation.”

“Not everything is about race,” the fiery brunette tells the camera. “It’s not. Geneva, you didn’t pay for a cab, you turned into a fiery meatball, and that’s why you got arrested — not because you’re black. Period. That’s it,” she says. “I’m sure the cop was scared for his life!” 

Watch the clip above to see Chantelle’s reaction.

Catch Blood, Sweat and Heels on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.