Brad Pitt's Brother Doug Gives Home Tour in Virgin Mobile Ad

Brad Pitt got his start promoting Pringles chips and Levi's jeans, and now his brother Doug is starring in a commercial of his very own.

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As part of a new Virgin Mobile Australia ad campaign -- which promises "celebrity deals at celebrity brother prices" -- Doug invited cameras into his home to show them how the "second most-famous Pitt" lives. (The two also have a younger sister, Julie.)

Unlike his cosmopolitan older sibling -- who's currently engaged to Oscar winner Angelina Jolie -- Doug has simpler interests: He proudly shows off his deluxe printer, basketball hoop and self-made birdhouse.

"While his brother lives the life of a Hollywood A-lister, Doug's life is a little different," the agency says. "Virgin Mobile believes in a fair go for all, and wants to give Doug a taste of his lifestyle, starting with his first-ever celebrity endorsement."

Doug -- a successful photojournalist and charity director -- happily pokes fun at his life as a suburban dad who "washes his own car, pays his own bills and does his own laundry."