Brad Pitt's Movie Wins Top Honor at Cannes Film Fest

Credit: Dominique Charriau

Congratulations, Brad Pitt!

Director Terrence Malick's Tree of Life won the Cannes Film Festival's top honor on Sunday: the Palme d'Or award. Pitt, 47, starred in the film alongside Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. Tree of Life elicited mixed reactions from viewers; it was alternately acclaimed and booed during its Cannes premiere.

Actress Kirsten Dunst, 29, won Best Actress for her role in Melancholia. Melancholia was directed by Lars von Trier, who was banned from Cannes last week for his Nazi comments.

French actor Jean Dujardin won the prize for Best Actor for his role in the silent film The Artist, while Nicolas Winding Refn was honored as Best Director for his film Drive.

Prizes were awarded by the nine-member jury headed by Robert De Niro. The panel also included actors Uma Thurman and Jude Law.