Brooklyn Decker, Patrick Wilson Reveal the Unsexy Reality of Filming a Sex Scene (NSFW-ish)

Surprise: Filming a sex scene really isn't very sexy. Actors talk constantly about how awkward it is to shoot a love scene with a costar, but it looks so good on-screen that sometimes it's hard to believe. Now, though, there's proof, thanks to a behind-the-scenes video of Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson in bed together on the set of their upcoming movie Stretch.

The mildly NSFW clip — which has been viewed more than 2 million times since it was posted on Sept. 26 — shows the Conjuring actor lying on top of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as they prepare to roll camera on a particularly steamy scene. After several seconds of awkward chatting, giggling, and, ahem, repositioning, the director, Joe Carnahan, calls action, and they...well, get busy.

Afterward, Wilson quips, "Was that enough f---ing?" Carnahan says it was "great" — but he needs more. "Do another one like that, and we got it, I swear," he says, as a crew member mists the actors with fake sweat. 

The filmmaker then comes over to give them some notes on what to do differently. All the while, Wilson and Decker — both married to other people — are lying tangled in the sheets so as not to mess up the shot.

Wilson tweeted a link to the video on Oct. 5, writing, "@BrooklynDecker let's go viral." She replied with, "@patrickwilson73 the awkward truth behind filming a sex scene......Hahaha beyond cringeworthy." 

Stretch costars Jessica Alba, Ed Helms, Chris Pine, Ray Liotta, and Norman Reedus. It's available for download on iTunes and Amazon beginning Oct. 7.