Charlize Theron Plays Dress Up With Jimmy Fallon, Wears Shocking Gold Pants on The Tonight Show

Wow, Charlize, those are some gold pants!

Jimmy Fallon has had celebrities do some bizarre things on his Tonight Show in the past, but Monday, May 11’s game of dress up with Charlize Theron was one of the weirdest yet!

Rather than wear a stylish and fashionable outfit for her appearance on Fallon's show to promote her new action thriller Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron wore an eye-watering collection of shiny, metallic duds, topped off with a super-frizzy hairdo and a mini top hat.

Not leaving his guest to be the only one wearing an unlikely outfit, Fallon, too, put on some outrageous clothing, allowing himself to be styled, as he explained to the audience, by Theron.

"I was a little surprised when I found this in my dressing room, this is what you chose for me?" Fallon asked the 39-year-old actress, of his bright pink sweater, faux-fur bodywarmer and attractive, 60s-style brown wig (not to mention the pink shades!).

"I thought it would make your shoulders smaller," Sean Penn's fiancee replied, deadpan.

"Am I a man or a woman?" asked Fallon. "Maybe that's the fun."

 "You are a woman," Theron added with a straight face. "Your name is Rosetta McKlintog," she continued.

Theron, as it turned out, was dressed as a character called Bonanza, who used to play guitar on tour with Prince. And in true Fallon style, their outfits weren’t enough crazy for one night! He then insisted Theron show off her (non-existent) bass playing talents, by joining the band.

Watch the video above to see what happened when Bonanza and Rosetta got down with The Roots!