Cheryl Burke: We'll Do an "Intense Dance of Passion" on Next Week’s DWTS

Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

Pro dancer Cheryl Burke -- who is competing on her ninth season on ABC's Dancing With the Stars with Cincinnati Bengals football player Chad Ochocinco -- is blogging for

I loved movie night. It's keeping the show fresh, and that's why I think the ratings have been amazing this season. Chad and I danced to "The Bare Necessities" and received an 18.

Len has been the hardest judge, but as Chad says, he felt good about our quickstep regardless. "There's nothing you can say at this point that can really break me. The confidence I have going into the dance after hours of practice with Cheryl... I know what to expect and I'm in the comfort zone," he says.

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I'm very happy and pleased about how the dance turned out as well. The quickstep is a really hard dance. The last ballroom dance he did was the foxtrot and he didn't do very well. Tonight, he really proved he could ballroom dance.

Adds Chad, "Every package you've seen up til now has been fun, flirty. So why see something different? People can't say, 'Oh Chad and Cheryl, there they go again.' We needed that change."

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Quickstep is a fun dance, but I knew the challenge was going to come to him because it is a ballroom dance and there are a lot of steps.  I choreographed the crap out of this dance so I knew we were going to have to start right away.

Chad caught on really quick to this dance because I was strict. I am a task master! I walk into the studio and told him we have to go straight to work.

And if we make it next week, we'll do the Argentine tango. It's an intense dance of passion. He can show me how he feels about me for real!

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