Can't pick favorites on the dance floor!

Maksim Chmerkovskiy went from being partners with Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars to vying for the Mirrorball Trophy alongside soccer star Hope Solo. But don't expect the 31-year-old pro to say which partner he likes more!

"Being partners with Hope is different than being partners with Kirstie because they're from completely different planets," he told Us Weekly. "You have the opposites of the spectrum. You've got the actress and the Hollywood personality and you've got the athlete from the sports world with their mentality." 

"They couldn't be more different," he said. "[But] I can't really compare who's easiest to work with -- Hope or Kirstie. I think both types of person have their positives and negatives," he said, then added jokingly, "I should run for f**king mayor!"

For more on Maksim's relationship with Hope -- plus romance rumors, his future as an actor and why he'd love to be a part of a Dirty Dancing remake -- watch Us' exclusive video interview in the clip above!