Drake: I Write All My Raps on My BlackBerry

Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage.com

Everybody's talking 'bout Drake, Drake, Drake on the rap scene these days and it's clear why. With a massive, Grammy-nominated introductory megahit, "Best I Ever Had" and hip-hop heavyweights like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne behind him, the Canadian born Aubrey Graham, 26, now has two more rap hits off his No. 1 debut album (selling over 446,000 copies, per Nielsen Soundscan), Thank Me Later. His NYC album release day performance literally caused a riot that shut it down before he even hit the stage.

So, with all that hype (I didn't even mention his brief fling with Rihanna!), Drake is opening up in a new documentary, Drake: Better Than Good Enough, premiering tonight on MTV at 10 p.m./ET. In the flick, cameras followed the rapper as he played dates on his cross-country "Away From Home" college tour and recorded his first disc.

UsMagazine.com just got a sneak peak at the flick and assembled some of the rapper's most choice soundbytes. Read on to discover the newly-anointed rap king's thoughts on how fast his success came -- and how he pens his golden rhymes!

"You're just so exhausted that you're just catching up to tired."

- Drake on his draining touring schedule

"I'm out here right now because I'm hot...and I don't like saying that but I gotta give the people what they want."

- Drake on why he is touring so many cities and doing so many concerts at one time

"I swear, my stars have aligned in the most magnificent way."

- Drake praying before he hits the stage

"All his raps are written on a BlackBerry, if we don't have a BlackBerry we gotta borrow one or find one somewhere!"

- Drake's friend on how he only writes raps on his BlackBerry, never paper

"The BlackBerry keys...my thumbs were made for touching them!"

- Drake on why blackberries are better than paper and pen

"This is the start of something I hope will be legendary."

- Drake on what he thinks of his success

"There will be a day when I fall…everyone falls"

- Drake on how long he thinks he will last

"I'm Aubrey Drake Graham, and I make a living off truly being myself."

- Drake on his career

By Ian Drew for UsMagazine.com. To read more of Ian's blog, click here and don't forget to follow him on Twitter.