Dwayne Johnson, Jimmy Fallon Have Super Intense Staredown, See "The Rock" Wear a Wig!

Dwayne Johnson was the latest in a line of intense guests on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday, Dec. 11 — but as he donned a long-haired wig and a robe, he proved himself to be the king of the “Intense Staredown.”

While this isn't the first time Fallon has invited his celebrity guests up to his mountain top to discuss the meaning of life, it was certainly the most intense, as the Furious 7 star pulled a series of hilariously serious faces while his voice offered such pearls of wisdom as, "If we under dat mistletoe, we gotsta get our freak on!"

Fallon's previous staredown guests have included Jared Leto and Robert Downey Jr. But none have received such excited audience reactions as Johnson did with his earth-shattering declaration: "I am the pebble, I am the stone, I am the boulder, I am The Rock!"

Last time Johnson was on Fallon's show the duo were involved in a similarly unlikely activity. They donned '70s outfits and recorded a workout video together!

Watch the whole segment above and see who you think wins the staredown!