DWTS: Kate Scolds Tony for Making Fun of Her Crying

Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

Though they were all smiles on Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars after surviving another elimination round, Kate Gosselin and Tony Dolovani later had a minor spat backstage.

According to E! News, Gosselin, 35, scolded Dolovani, 36, after he joked about how often she cries.

"Would you like me to say that you make me cry more than I cry in real life?" she sternly pointed out. "Then don't talk about it."

Us Weekly recently reported that the two dancing partners "hate each other."

Said a DWTS insider: "Backstage, she will back him into a wall to talk, and he won't listen or look at her."

Added another, "He can't wait to get rid of her, even if it means losing early."

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