Emile Hirsch: Ask Him Anything! Bonnie & Clyde Actor to Join Us for Twitter Q&A

Emile Hirsch as Clyde Barrow and Holliday Grainger Bonnie Parker Credit: Joseph Viles/Lifetime

Want to chat with a hunky Hollywood actor? Join Us Weekly on Monday, Dec. 9 for a live Twitter Q&A with Bonnie & Clyde star Emile Hirsch as the series premieres.

During the chat, 28-year-old Hirsch -- who plays Clyde Parker in the new A&E mini-series -- will answer fan's questions about the series and everything else! Readers should submit their questions via Twitter and use the hashtag #EmileTweetsWithUs to participate in the chat.

A&E's four-hour, two-part Bonnie & Clyde is the latest screen adaptation of Arthur Penn's classic, which was actually based on true events. (Bonnie and Clyde were an outlaw couple who rose to notoriety during the Great Depression.) Hirsch -- whose film credits include Into the Wild (2007), Savages (2012) and The Girl Next Door (2004) -- will star opposite Borgias star Holliday Grainger as Bonnie Parker.

The two-part mini-series premieres Sunday, Dec. 8 and Monday, Dec. 9 at 9 p.m. EST both nights on A&E.

Make sure to join Us in the Q&A by using the hashtag #EmileTweetsWithUs!