Nothing like a bit of country crooning! Ethan Hawke joined show host Jimmy Fallon to strum on his guitar and sing a few songs on the Tuesday, June 7, episode of The Tonight Show. But these weren't your everyday country songs — the lyrics were taken from the "FML" website.

"There's this website called," Fallon explained to his audience. "It's where people who've had a bad day and tell everyone their story and they always end the same way, with 'FML.'"

Turns out some of the people hadn't just had bad days, they'd had totally hilarious days — and when their stories were put to music, they just sounded even funnier!

"Today, my dentist gave me laughing gas and in my drugged up stage, I wanted to hang out with him. We're going to an art museum next Tuesday. FML!" sang Hawke from beneath his Stetson.

Then it was Fallon's turn (which was actually a little more harmonious than Hawke's!).

"Today I got back my history term paper. The whole thing was crossed out. And at the end, my professor just wrote, 'Nope.' FML," he warbled.

Watch the funny video in the clip above!

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