Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Tries to Come Off as Nice on The Simpsons

Credit: Fox/Nick Stern/Redthinkmedia.co/Wenn.com

Facebook chief exec and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was painted as a callous and conniving computer geek in this weekend's No. 1 film The Social Network.

During his guest appearance on Fox's The Simpsons Sunday, he attempted to show a different side: He can be a nice guy. He appeared at an entrepreneurs’ convention, where he befriended Lisa, who was trying to convince the bully Nelson to stay in school. Watch a clip. (Zuckerberg, 26, may not have been the best choice for the scene, considering that he famously dropped out of Harvard after launching Facebook in 2004. Still, he is now the youngest ever self-made billionaire.)

Zuckerberg -- who also may have tried to change his image by donating $100 million to the NJ public schools -- has yet to acknowledge his appearance on his Facebook page. But Facebook PR boss Brandee Barker gushed on Twitter: "Being with Mark Zuckerberg while he recorded for tonight's Simpsons episode = my top 5 best job moments EVER ... you had to be there, but it was a priceless, and very funny, moment with Mark that I will always appreciate."